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Recently India faced political disturbances in Gujrat, Maharashtra and some other states also. There has been few bomb blasts and many innocent lives were lost in the series of blasts. Unfortunately the master mind of this recent blast in Ahmadabad was similar to that of a Bollywood film contract . It is believed that the recently released film contract influenced the bombing in the cities like Ahmedabad and Surat. People who have seen the movie is of the opinion that Ahmadabad blast bear an uncanny resemblances with the plot of the film contract especially the villain in the movie, plans to set off low density blast in crowded areas so that when their is chaos and the injured are being hospitalized for first aids they would trigger bigger explosion to maximize damage. This is definitely a dangerous situation as what is created merely for the entertainment purpose is inspiring terrorism and supplying the terrorist with exciting ideas and at the same time handy tips to their brutal and violent plans. It’s high time Bollywood directors must pay some attention to the alarming bells of terrorism and change their prospective while making a film. In the year 2008 Bollywood has produced five such films and it seems that the focus of film makers are only on ‘terror special films’ as such films attracts more and more crowd in the theaters and are crowd puller due to the suspense and thrill which is a major ingredient of such films. Films like contract, Mission Istanbul, Ruslaan, Mumbai Meri Jaan, Hijack have their central theme as terrorism. Black Friday, Mission Kashmir, Fanaa, Shoot out at Lokhandwala, Dil Se, Roja are some of the films that are based on terrorism which Bollywood film makers have churned out creatively for their commercial purpose. A Hollywood movie The siege which showed a realistic attack on New York city, in September 2001 was based on a real incidence. So we can say ‘Any form of art is the reflection of our society’ and all the films whose story line are based on a particular terror activities are for sure justified but it should not be other way round. So in the end we can say that the moral of the story is excess of everything is bad and sad. so the film fraternity must keep some check before carving out a violent plot and give a halt to their creativity which can lead to the destruction of the society and innocent will suffer. A check is a must otherwise the results would be very scary and un reversible.

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