Aishwarya and Katrina rivals in ads too

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It seems the two hot beauty are every ones  favorites first they dated the same men and now both are dating the same endorsements. It seems their taste and liking are almost same. Katrina Kaif keeps lending her face to beauty brands and we can see why! The Bollywood babe has yet again posed for a Purple Lotus & Cream ad and boy does she look amazing!

Donning a red silk gown and big star-shaped earringsa, the actress wears just a little bit of makeup and some shiny lip gloss. She strikes her signature romantic pose and plays with the camera. It’s all in the eyes! Katz only recently signed on to become Lux Soap’s new brand ambassador, a job B-town big shots Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her hubby Abhishek Bachchan used to have. And while the cute couple continues to shoot ads for the beauty brand, Katz has really taken over! And that’s not the only thing Ash’s new brand rival has taken over from the former Miss World. Katrina has also agreed to represent the Nakshatra Vivaah diamond jewelry wedding line which blends ‘splendor, purity, power, beauty and feminine mystique,’ and takes inspiration from ancient Indian texts that refer to a diamond as a vajra, or the weapon of Indra, which is said to protect from ‘fire, poison and evil spirits.’Looks like the two actresses have a lot in common. They have even dated the same man! Aishwarya used to date Salman Khan before marrying Abhi, and Sallu has been Katz’s boyfriend for several years now. While we can’t say for sure that Katrina is going after everything that Ash touches, she sure takes over a lot of missions that the actress leaves behind. And when asked about Katrina Kaif’s association with the brand while promoting Longines luxury watches, Ash seemed to indicate that she was asked to represent the brand first, but turned down every offer because she was too busy!

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