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| August 26, 2010 | 3 Comments

Aamir’s policy is the most sought out one in the Bollywood industry and he makes sure to get enormous appreciations for his every creation. This time it is ‘Peepli Live’ in the queue. A media event took place to launch the first two promotional videos for Aamir’s forthcoming production, ‘Peepli Live’. Earlier this year, Aamir has already won some encouraging responses at the Sundance Festival.
The movie is written and directed by filmmaker Anusha Rizvi and was believed to showcase the suicide story of the farmers. But Aamir confirms that it is not such a story and it is a humorous satire on the Indian urban and rural divide. Ready For Release On August 13.

He adds, “It is a satire on the widening gap between rural and urban India. I’ve been telling the media that it doesn’t address the topic of farmer suicides but you just don’t believe me.” Another 10 promos will be soon launched and the presently launched promos contain ample humor with Raghubir and Rajpal’s Yadav in the lead roles. However, there are instances in the movie which shows that the farmer (Rajpal) threatens the government to commit suicide, claiming compensation to run his family. The related scenes are extremely humorous and touching.

Aamir Khan’s much talked about home production Peepli Live, is also all set to be premiered at the upcoming Melbourne International Film Festival 2010.The Festival to be held next month, will feature Peepli Live along with four other Bollywood Films under a special category called ‘Not Quite Bollywood’.”The much talked about Film that has a casting of stage actors will be specially screened on the second last day of the Festival beginning July 22nd.

So mark an appointment with peepli Alive as it’s not every now and then that, we get to see Aamir’s production.

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  1. bharat says:

    amir is just like….pagal hai.

  2. the Peepli Live, movie is very nice.it based on farmer economic condition.


    peepli live film is very economical.it is full of farmer’s life.

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