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The vast majority of television advertisements today are consist of brief advertising spots, ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes. Advertisments of this sort have been used to sell every product imaginable over the years, from household products to goods and services, to political campagins.The effect of television advertisements upon the viewing public has been so successful and so pervasive that in some countries, like the Unites states, it is considered impossible for a political party and the ploitical leaders to wage a successfulelection  campaign without the purchase of television advertising. The story is more or less same in most of the countries.


If  you are  in  love with Indian advertisements and appreciate the impact of these ads on the society  then go ahead with this article. Some ads might  just amaze you with their high quality creativity and presentation. Earlier the concentration while making the ads were more on the catchy copy writing, expensive locations, larger then life frames  and most important features were very attractive models(snooty looks). Presently, there is more emphasis is on the creative side, ads are based on the liking of  average middle class Indian. Social messages, humbleness  and emotional craving seems to be the theme of the advertising creative heads. In short the ads are more casual and real. The models are also very simple looking and very humble attitude. Any one with little creative idea can shot an ad while sitting in a traffic or taking a lift. All you should have is a super creative mind. Now, this was some general uptodates that has taken place in the very recent  ad world.

Now the  ads are no longer confined to one country and they are shared among the countries and are also showing good response from the audience as well. Yes some small changes are done to the liking of the locals. One such 30-second coke  commercial, created for consumers in Pakistan and West Asia, was aired in India during the DLF IPL Twenty20 matches. Taking the ‘Jashn Mana Le’ tagline of Coke across the border, leading soft-drink company Coca-Cola India is using a 30-second Pakistani Coke television commercial in the Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 matches. This was the  first Coca-Cola ad in India, where a television commercial created by Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) Lahore for consumers in Pakistan and West Asian countries was also aired on the Indian telly-screens, but with a changed tagline.

The Coca-Cola ad aired in West Asia and Pakistan had the tagline — Khale, Peele, Jilee. For the consumers at home, the tagline has been tweaked to Khale, Peelee, Jashn Mana Le — Coke’s current tagline that featured actor Hrithik Roshan.


However, the Pakistani Coke commercial had no celebrities. “The ad featured a group of friends having fun with a bottle of Coca-Cola while enjoying a meal at a restaurant. The fun of handling the bottle and pouring Coke in glasses has been developed into a sign language between youngsters that brings friends together and aids in bonding across the various tables in the restaurant. The Pakistani commercial, however, was not totally non-Indian. The commercial has been shot in a location in India with Indian models and is being customised by Coke’s domestic creative agency McCann Erickson, Delhi.  Several leading advertising agencies from Pakistan use Indian locations and local talents to shoot television ad-campaigns in the country.

“Several Pakistani companies related to telecom, soaps, juices, butter etc shoot their television commercials in India but none of them have been used on Indian television. Therefore, this Pakistani Coke campaign may set a precedence for more international commercials to make a debut on the Indian telly-screens.

Adopting international television campaigns into Hindi or regional languages is a proven formula of success for the ad-agencies. “Remember the earlier Pepsi commercial that featured Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Mahima Chawdhury (then called Ritu Chawdhury)? That ad was adapted from the US that featured actor Michael J Fox. Or the Surf commercial — Daag Acche Hain — has also been adopted into Hindi from an international campaign.

After all copying is not all that bad!

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