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Well, today morning I did happen to read the morning Brunch which is the Hindustan Times magazine on every Sunday and it really evoked some nice feelings about the advertisements that we get to see on Indian Television. It was more to do with ratings of the various advertisements over the years. In my opinion, an ad should be about a product and it should be able to tell the common man about it and convince him/her to use that product.

kajolajay.jpgranioil.JPGI would be less convinced about using a product only if Aishwarya or Juhi or Rani were talking about it. Think of Sanjay Dutt or Govinda using that Navratan thanda tel (c00l oil) on his head or Aloo, sorry Amitabh Bachchan using the same oil or doing some really very freaky ad and you would think that the minimum standards of the shampoo or soap that these superstars must be using will not be anywhere below Revlon or L’oreal. If they would ever use any of these products then how come the superstars are not coming in ads for Jockey briefs and wonderbra (isn’t it an interesting thought). How can they convince the general public or do they really think the public is a fool. I’m sure that Sachin Tendulkar has stopped having as much Boost in real life as in reel life otherwise I’m sure his cricket scores would have stayed on top as always.


In contrast, the best ad that I have liked has been the Cadbury’s ad where the girl dances onto the field and makes her boyfriend eat the chocolate. A very simple ad which has carved a niche into the Indian public’s mind for memory lanes. Another ad which comes to my mind is the cute Hutch ad with the pug where the kid actually resembles my younger son who is in the picture with me. The only ads with a celebrity worth mentioning were that of Aamir Khan doing different cameo’ s during the coca cola ad spree.

Any ad with an ordinary person there is more emotive and aggreable to normal society. I am somehow very much averse to foreign models coming into our TV ads so much and so many at the same time. It’s ok to see one odd but today you see only foreign models all over. Again being a South asian community it’s not very palatable to see some foreign model eating a Samosa made out of Saffola oil becos of the basic fact that they eat not sunflower oil as much as olive oil.

N.b.– Aloo refers to something that you see too often in your vegetable or on TV here.

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