Alias with Jennifer Garner

| August 4, 2007 | 0 Comments


So this is the famous serial which is so fast paced and thrilling that it makes you sit continuously without a break on the TV set. Jennifer Garner with her smooth charm keeps you glued to the seat facing the opponents from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency of the USA) and some organisation called the SD-6 where she is fighting for a just cause always but faces an adversary from outside and within the organisation. This particular episode is really smooth and moves you since this lady acts in a very fast and furious method


alias-9.JPGalias-13.JPGI really feel that she has not really got what she deserves till now, that is in terms of glam and fame. I wish that her forthcoming films like Be with you , Juno and the Kingdom can do the required for her film career what she has been missing till now. I do suggest that she hires a nice publicity firm for herself which will and which can enhance her ratings much higher. I fully agree with herself when she says “Happiness is your own responsibility.”


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