‘Australia lose to India in Mumbai One Dayer’

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tendulkar161007.jpgThis sounds so good that Australian Team led by Ricky Ponting lose to the Indian Team led by MS Dhoni at Mumbai and that the Indian team manages to salvage some lost pride by making the series 4-2. But is it going to be so simple with out of courage and fiddly fingers of our batsmen and way off bowling by Harbhajan and Sreesanth. Just by giving dirty looks can you get the wickets? I guess not. I feel these guys should be sent to the military for some management classes, tactical and strategic moulding, body building endurance tests and a lot more. You cannot forget the basics of bowling and hope to get Andrew Symonds and Mathew Hayden out. It is not racism guys so don’t think you can get away with anything like that. It is not that you get the aggression of Sourav Ganguly but forget to roll and spin the ball well. It is all psychological game. No one is better than the other and no one is worse. The one who keeps his cool and knows what emotions to display and which ones to hide is the clear Winner. You keep a cool inside and display a hot exterior and I’m sure you will unnerve the opponent.symonds161007.jpg

Mumbai is very good in mehmannawazi (look after of guests as in hospitality) and I’m sure with a lot of distractions of moolah waiting for the Australians out there (Ricky Ponting was named brand ambassador of automotive products Valvoline Cummins Ltd), they are definitely going to get some less time for the game tomorrow. It should be an easy task for the Indians as they are always swarmed deep into goodies as they play the only game that our country recognises, whether officially accepted is a different thing. So I’m not going to watch the match tomorrow for I’m sure the Indians are going to put up a good show so that Sh. Sharad Pawar can continue campaigning for his boys and overlook everyother sports persons in the country. Secondly the Indians are going to go all out because they also want the goodies to flow on and since we have such a short memory, a big win at the Wankhede will erase all bad memories of the Series so far. God, don’t these selectors have any guide lines to choose players and don’t these moolah people see that they are wasting so much money on losers more and winners less. Do I deserve so much money if I were to loose 10 matches and win 2. Wow, wish I could play cricket.

Well I heard the Jet airways pilot which had a bird hit at Nagpur is also expecting a handsome reward since he was associated with the Australian, sorry Indian Team on some pretext. Maybe a Porsche will do.

Joking like always. But please do let me know how much should we treat our cricketers and how much should we look after other sports. Keep writing your messages. Bye.ganguly161007.jpg

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