Band Baja Baraat

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Band Baja Baraat  is  the Hindi Movie which is starring  actress Anushka Sharma and her Band Baja Baraat co-star Ranvir Singh. which is released on the 10th December.These two stars of the bollywood are at the boom of these days as Band Baja Baraat is  having an outstanding review and is appreciated by the common man. The success of this movie shows that a film can do well in spite of having a low budget and a very simple and low profile star cast. All it needs is to touch the masses ans get connected to them.

Just two films old, Anushka Sharma is well eyeing for a hat trick after the success of RAB NE BANA DI JODI and BADMAASH COMPANY. With BAND BAAJA BAARAAT being her next release, Anushka is happy that her third straight movie with Yash Raj Films has managed to create good buzz in the shortest time possible.

“The theatrical promo got a very good response and now the songs have started coming in as well,” she perks up here, “With the kind of reactions that have started coming in for my celebration song with Ranveer (Singh), Ainvayi Ainvayi, I am becoming far more confident with every passing day that we are doing our job well in creating curiosity amongst the audience. We should be able to bring them into theaters now.”

However, the fact still remains that Ranveer, the leading man in this Maneesh Sharma directed film, has just started off in Bollywood and still needs to make his presence felt. Anushka understands the challenges that a new jodi brings with it, especially with a debutant actor pairing up with a heroine who is just two films old. All of this means that an added push is required to register an impression amongst the audience.
About the film in Anushka’s words

“What’s the point in denying something which is a truth,” questions Anushka, “One has to look at things in the right perspective. If at all there is a much more known face in the film, it does impact the general buzz which is created in the industry. People wait for the theatrical promo launch much more eagerly; all other appearances are being looked at in a far keener manner as well. There may be some impact made on the opening of the film as well. However, post all of that it is the product which does the talking.”The film is not just about wedding planners. It’s a romantic comedy and talks about the journey of these two characters – Bittoo Sharma and Shruti Kakkar- their coming of age, and the ups and downs in their relationship.”My character Shruti Kakkar is a contemporary girl; she is a girl of today. In many ways Shruti is a mix of Taani and Bulbul. She is the most balanced character I have played.The language in the film is very youthful and this is how the youth of today speaks. One of the biggest USPs of the film is the dialogues. There is nothing very filmy about the dialogues, it’s very real and identifiable.”

With music by Salim-Sulaiman, BAND BAAJA BAARAAT promises to be a fun filled film with celebrations during this wedding season.

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