Bipasha Basu loves to pampers John Abraham

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Actress Bipasha Basu loves to pamperbeau John Abraham with gifts. And here’s a secret: all the watches that John sports have actually been gifted to him by Basu. There’s not a single watch that John Abraham owns, which has not been gifted by the sultry siren. Basu also admitted that she is almost addicted to pampering her boyfriend with watches and that is what comes to her mind first, whenever she is looking for a gift for him.

“I love watches above everything else. And according to me it is a must have for everybody. It is also my favourite gifting option. All the watches that John (Abraham) owns are gifted by me,” says Basu, on the sidelines of an event.

And if you are wondering what will she gift John next — here it is. Basu says that she has her eye on another branded watch.

“Now I think his collection is set to have a new luxury watch,” she adds.

Basu doesn’t want to go into the status of her relationship with Abraham and says that she doesn’t feel like clarifying rumours of an alleged split between the two. Basu even tweeted that she is tired of explaining her relationship status to curious cats over and over again. But at the same time, Basu says that she feels really proud when she looks back at her life. She feels proud of all that she has achieved till date.

“I am proud of myself and also of what I am today. I used to only dream of owning such luxury brands and now I have so many of them,” Basusays.

Talking about her journey in Bollywood, Basu says that it’s been a saga of hard work and steadfastness.

“I just realised my journey has been quite a long one. Only I know how much hard work has gone behind it,” Basu ends.

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