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Amidst plethora of ads on the small screen with scantily clad women at locales that hardly have any relevance to the product, which is being advertised, some very simple ads stand out of the crowd. These simple ads garnished with tinge of humor leave a feel- good feeling among the viewers.

One such ad is “Mentos……………deemag ki batti jala de”. This product has a series of ads but one that is really catchy is where a student arrives late for class and walks backwards to give an impression to the teacher that he is trying to sneak out and the teacher ordering him to sit down. An absolutely simple ad but every time you watch it, it brings a curve on your lips…………………….that’s the USP.

Then there is the Center fresh Ad. Do we really need bikini-clad babes to run in the beach to sell a mint? A slick ad casting a dwarf caught amongst a group of hoodlum pretending to be deaf and dumb can do wonders. Talking about witty ads one cannot but mention the Fevicol series of ads. Starting from the hen eating grains from a Fevicol container to villagers clinging on to a village bus with a Fevicol poster……….each one is a brilliant piece.

Besides these funny ads there are ones that touch one’s emotional chord. One such ad is that of Airtel……………….each of it starting from grandpa –grandson story to the latest one where two kids across two bordered countries are trying to play together have left an infallible mark on the viewers.

Such ads go to prove that creativity does not always mean being snazzy and luring people with wild shots. On the other hand too much obscenity in ads can initially cause a ripple but end up bringing negative feedback for the product in the long run. Commercial breaks in the midst of an interesting program is always an irritant but when you see the black and white Nike ad, you hold yourself from pressing the remote………………….that’s the magic of a good ad.




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