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This ad is so good that I really cannot believe it. We find Catherine-zeta Jones going into the jungle ride and here come the chimps and monkeys. One of them is lying on the jungle road and is looking hurt. However when Mrs. Michael Douglas gets down to look at him, she finds that the chimp is not actually hurt and in turn his friends have already taken over her personal bags and baggage from the car. She shouts at them to return the stuff but to no avail and has to call up the Banana Company to get a truck load of bananas for the chimps.
The bananas arrive and she makes the payment with the credit card. She gets her bags back and is ready to move on in her car. However, she doesn’t find the keys of the car. A chimp now arrives and wants the MasterCard also from her hand. When she refuses to part with the card, he pulls out the keys of the car and asks her to swap the MasterCard that she is carrying

A pretty entertaining stuff there with Catherine-Zeta Jones in the ad. Do remember to send your feedbacks.

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