Commercial Having a Deeper Meaning….

| February 26, 2008 | 1 Comment

Gone are the days, when advertisements existed merely for the purpose selling products. These days advertisements are touching deeper meanings and social issues without being preachy and boring. Commercials with social messages don’t bring about a change, they are pointers towards the change that is taking place in the society. Advertisement’s usually play back what they understand of people’s sentiments and reflects the society. One such advertisement that I really admire and has caught my attention recently, Is TATA TEA, the ad shows a young man questioning a political candidate’s qualifications, faintly mocking him in the process. The term JAAGO redefines ‘wake up’ to an ‘awakening’ of the masses and make correct use of our political rights. There is a feeling of restlessness among the youth about the situation in the country and they had to be awakened.

Earlier tea advertisements were associated with waking up in the morning or bringing freshness to the tired soul and it was looked always from a house wife point of view.

TATA TEA advertisement has drawn the attention of today’s youth and to bring positive changes in the society the youth has to be awakened. The idea taken is absolutely fantastic as the term JAAGO is having double meaning, one that is spreading the political awareness among the youth and the other meaning is waking up a tired soul.

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