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By Sri Purna Widari
dian-sastrowardoyo-160609Dian Sastrowardoyo is a movie actress who won a lot of awards in Indonesia. Dian Sastrowardoyo is a gorgeous young Indonesian actress who started her career by participating in model competition in one of the most reputable teen magazines. She won it and this achievement led her to have a lot of opportunities in entertainment industry.

Born in Jakarta on March 16 1982, she came from a family who are highly respected in Indonesia. She is not merely an actress who relies on her beauty but she is notorious for being educated and smart. She studied philosophy and literature in the most acclaimed university of Indonesia with an excellent marks.

dian-sastrowardoyo16776666In addition, Dian has won a lot of national and international awards for her roles in some movies. She started with Pasir berbisik in which in English language means the whispering sand. She got a very good opportunity by having a senior co-star Christin Hakim which was very respected in terms of her acting. In this movie, she got a lot of compliments from movie critics. Moreover, she became more famous in a movie named Ada Apa dengan Cinta which was the first box office movie in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Dian is a celebrity with class. She was appointed the Ambassador of Lux, one of the most first class soap advertisement in the world. Dian was selected due to her graciousness, her achievements in acting, and her excellent reputation as an actress. She has been a model for a lot of clip video of notorious music group in Indonesia such as Dewa 19 and Peter Pan.

dian-sastrowardoyo-160609111Nowadays, Dian do not appear frequently in movies. She is now more in charged in education through assisting her lecture in her faculty. She wrote a script of Drupadi which tells about the life of Drupadi in Mahabarata, and perfomed it not in a screen but in a theatrical concept. She got a lot of critics but she kept going to achieve her dream to become a producer and involve entirely in the process of making it.

Dian’s personal relationship was regularly exposed by the media. She was once in a relationship with the son of a very respected businessman but eventually broke due to her affair with a radio announcer. Since then, Dian tried her luck by being a presenter in Who wants to be a millionaire but she did not get good responds from Indonesian viewers. She was too awkward as a presenter.

All in all Dian Sastrowardoyo deserves two thumbs up for her achievements in entertainment industry and also for her determination to continue her study and prioritize her education above her career. We do hope Dian will have more and more opportunities to play in high standard movies in the future and able to be a role model for Indonesian youngsters.

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    Hi…!, Dian Sastrowardoyo. km adalah : Artis Indonesia yang paaling ak suka. dan bagiku km adalah : Artis Indonesia yang paling Cantik-seksi-pintar.

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