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by Lauren Grace

If you are a fan of Gabrielle Bernstein you are probably a spirit junkie like me and have tons of self-help/spirituality books. You most likely read them all once, dog eared a few pages, maybe underlined a few quotes. But for the most part they have just been sitting on your bookshelf. Am I right? Well it’s time to shake things up a bit with Gabrielle Bernstein’s newest book May Cause Miracles. This is not a another inspirational book that is meant to just sit on your bookshelf. This book should be worn, written in, highlighted, and tear stained. Why? Because if you are willing to do the work and put in the time, this book will cause miracles.

If you are not familiar with Gabby let me give you a brief introduction. Think Sex and the City meets Spiritual Guru. Gabby is an author, a speaker, a vlogger, a coach, and to me personally an incredible teacher. Most recently she appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday as one of the next generation thought leaders. Gabby brings the wisdom of Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson to a new generation with an honest, refreshing, and fun approach. She is changing lives every day, and has certainly changed mine. I believe in her work and in her message, which is why I am sharing her latest book with you here today.

May Cause Miracles is designed to be read as a daily practice for 40 days. Every day includes a mediation, an affirmation, and an evening exercise. You will be guided to address every aspect of your life from relationships, to body image, to finances.  Through each topic you are encouraged to get honest about your fears and limiting beliefs. Then through the daily exercises and affirmations you begin to make subtle shifts and changes. By the end of the 40 days these subtle shifts add up to some major changes and miracles!

One of things I loved about this book is that it gets you in the habit of creating a daily spiritual practice. To start and end your day doing self reflective spiritual work is life changing in itself. And what I found interesting was how much my ego resisted this work. May Cause Miracles is not a fluffy inspirational read, it makes you get honest and it makes you work. My ego didn’t want to work. My ego wanted to read a few profound quotes and then go back to mindlessly scrolling on Facebook. At first I made lots of excuses in my head from I don’t have time to journal right now, I’m too tired tonight to meditate, I’ll start this tomorrow, etc… But luckily I was able to recognize that the more the ego resists something, the better it is for my souls growth and personal evolution. The ego doesn’t want you to change, it doesn’t want you grow, it would rather you stay in your comfort zone and keep everything in your life exactly as it is. I ignored my ego’s chatter and decided to commit to myself by making the time and doing the work.

I’ve invested in tons of self help programs, listened to motivational lectures, and read inspirational books. I always listened, learned, and gained lots of insight along the way. I would go as far as to say I am very knowledgable on the topic of self help and spirituality. But I wasn’t always applying my knowledge. And there is a big difference in having knowledge and applying it. What I love about Gabby’s book is that it is designed to make you apply what you are learning. The topics and concepts that were discussed were not necessarily new to me, but they took me to a whole new level when I actually began to apply these ideas into my life. I discovered old limiting beliefs that were still lingering around and messing up my relationship with money. I uncovered old hurts and wounds where I was hanging on to resentment and was able to invite forgiveness in instead. I got honest about my fears around my self image and found a whole new acceptance of myself. These shifts have had a major impact on my perception and outlook of life, but they didn’t occur over night. These changes took place subtly, step by step, over the course of 40 days.

The key to making real lasting change is showing up every day and being consistent. Gabby cleverly designed this to be a 40 day practice because science has proven that it takes 40 days to create new neural pathways in our brain. In other words it takes 40 days to establish a new habit and a new way of thinking. That is the miracle in this book. If you show up every day to do the work, consistently, by the end of 40 days it will be impossible for you to not have a new mind set.

May Cause Miracles is released on New Years day which is the perfect time to dive into this work. We all have our New Years resolutions on our mind. Dreaming of how things will be different this year, how we are going to change this time around. Let Gabby’s book help you make these changes! No matter what you want to manifest in the year ahead the principles in this book will help you get into that miracle mindset. You’ll find that it is much easier to make changes in your life when you dive into Gabby’s book and let her words guide you.

Real change takes commitment and a willingness to do the work. So how badly do you want things to change this New Year? Are you willing to show up every day and do the work? Are you ready to embrace a new miracle mind set? If you are reading this blog I know that the answer is yes! You aren’t reading this by accident, you are being clearly guided to step and do this work. Commit to yourself and your future and make 2013  your most miraculous year yet with Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles.

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