Dove or Garnier —- I am confused

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Well with so many good and better products available in the market everyday (which may not have been tested on humans for the mandatory periods), I generally tend to get confused what to buy and what to avoid. The main question that comes to my mind is the top brand, the money being charged and the actual effect of the product.

dove_102007.jpglook for example the latest Garnier Wrinkle Lift anti-ageing cream which targets wrinkles and promises to smoothen them in just 14 days. Wow if things would happen so fast and man could revert what God planned, man would be able to live on forever. It’s claim to be the first anti-ageing cream with cherries and ginger helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firms up the skin. It says that most Indian women start developing wrinkles as early as the age of 30. how can it apply to most when it is as early as statement? Some goof up, I guess. It further claims to provide 90 percent and above reduced fine lines and anti-wrinkle efficacy with nearly that much firmer skin too. The tests were based on only 160 women. For further advice you can write to Garnier Skin care advisor at

dovestrip.jpgWow the second product that I get confused buying is Soaps which are ranging from Oily skin care, Dry skin care, normal skin care etc. Well somebody tell me what and how to really find out which kind of skin one has. Most Dermatologists suggest using a normal soap like Lux when u are having problems and not those complicated ones like Dove and Neem. So these things tend to confuse the h*** out of me sometimes.

Do take your own decisions and consult some skin care experts rather than going into just your friend’s recommendation or seeing an attractive ad in the news or papers.

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. » Dove or Garnier —- I am confused | January 1, 2008
  1. teresa says:

    I read your article and here is my comments.

    As far as I can remember when we were growing up we only used Sunlight – the big green bar soap – today people mainly use it to wash clothes with. My father use to use it on his hair and what shinning and silky he had. Between my mother and father – whether it was good genes or it was the product that they were using – they hardly had any wrinkles. Did I forget to mention that my father was a construction worker and he worked in the blistering hot sun all day long? Today there are just so many different products on the market and I think that it just too confusing for us humans. I use what I can afford and it works for me and for my family. It is all a big money making industry. I don’t believe that animals should be used for testing. It is just not right. If I know that I certain product was tested on animals, I certainly won’t use it

    Dove is about the best for me – soap and cream . I can’t use Gariner facial creams, as it burns my skin… just like their hair coloring products. I thought I would let you know.

  2. Kermitkj says:

    thats for sure, brother

  3. jeyaseeli says:


  4. kavita says:

    my hairs are very weak. so tell me what i have to do? for long & healthy haris…

  5. kavita says:

    my haris are very weak. so can you tell me what should i do? plzzzzzz…….

  6. atith subedi says:

    hi i am from Nepal and got actual fairness from this product from a cream of Garnier men power light but problem is that in Nepal it”S cost is Indian 150 RS so can i know what is a actual selling price in India. please …………..

  7. manpreet singh says:

    my skin darkness and oily and pimpls plesce sugasion me

  8. piyush bheda says:

    i am regular user of garnier wrinkle lift. what can i do after massage this cream. may i use garnier spf 15 or may i apply any other treatment. may i wash my face after massage. or stay it. give me answer.

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