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Bitterness between Bhandari and Bashir deepen for eviction of house. Advocates of both sides are in fact Mama-Bhanja team, hands in glove manipulating both sides. Bhandari’s Advocate goes to Bashir’s house with eviction notice, creates scene their. All the neighbors’ gather. Bashir’s son Mushtak get hold of the Advocate. Sandip intervenes and calm down the sentiments. He offers and takes away Bhandari to his house.
One evening when it is raining Sandeep, over a cup of tea, tells Bhandari that you always talk of your HOUSE while Bashir Bhai calls it as his HOME. It is food for thought for Bhandari. Bhandari goes to terrace and see his son Vaibhav drenched coming from office. Zoya Bashir”s daughter escort Vaibhav in her umbrella to the house.
Bashir decides to vacate the house at mid-night,start loading the truck. Bhandari saw this and comes down. To Bashir’s surprise Bhandari says that he will not allow him to go like this. He will have to promise that he will continue to live in the house, as his own. Both hug each other. Next morning both Advocates come with tall promises. When they ask for their fees neighbors gherao them pour mud over them as a welcome gesture to MAMA-BHANJA. At last a happy ending.

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