Elizabeth Hurley at 46 still amazes everyone with her beauty

| December 14, 2011 | 3 Comments

Despite being 46, Elizabeth Hurley still amazes everyone with her beauty. Shane Warne’s (famous Australian cricketer) girlfriend recently admitted to Grazia Magazine that since she filed for the divorce from her rich Indian husband, Arun Nayar, she is no more worried about the opinions of others. Elizabeth Hurley told that her personality has evolved other the years and she has seen a lot during her life. Amongst all the things that she learnt from her experiences, lesson of living ones own life according to his or her willing, is the most important one.

Elizabeth Hurley even didn’t hesitate to tell that her marriage with Arun Nayr got over because he found out that she was dating the charismatic cricketer, Shane Warne. She further added, “It helps to be open to new things. Some close off and become more insular as they grow older, for me it’s the other way. I care less what people think. It’s liberating.”

Elizabeth Hurley is mother to a nine year old son name Damian (from her ex boyfriend, Steve). She said that what she worries the most now is her looks. Digitalspy wrote that that Elizabeth Hurley is well aware of the dire need to maintain herself with the growing age. She doesn’t want to have any resemblance with those fat old ladies whom no one cares about. “At 19 you can have buttons hanging off and stringy hair, but as we get older we look like bag ladies if we let things slide,” she said.

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  1. Dr R C Rout says:

    Liz , You are looking superb and men of lees than half your age are anxious to marry you.you are an ever beauty.

  2. Dr R C Rout says:

    I am 25 and I love her somuch.She is superb and marvellous,she is unique.

  3. Dr R C Rout says:

    Her beauty is unparallaled,she is a Goddess.Age can wither her beauty in any way.

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