Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelery to be auctioned

| March 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

If sources are to be believed then late Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s vast collection of jewelery will be auctioned at world-famous auction house Christie’s.

The late actress’s dazzling array of gems are rumored to be worth about $150 million in total.

According to the sources familiar with matter, the collection would be put up for sale at Christie’s, the famous British auction house, which has salesrooms in major cities across the globe, including Los Angeles, where Taylor died last week.

Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills president and CEO Peter Sedghi, who worked with the legendary beauty on her own House of Taylor jewellery line, said that Taylor had an “amazing eye” for jewelry.

“To be honest, she knew more than I did,” the New York Post quoted him as telling People magazine.

“When you would show her stones, she would tell you the origin, if it’s good quality, bad quality, where it came from,” he added.


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