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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is currently on vacation in Rome, Italy with her whole family, but soon the actress will come back to Mumbai to start promoting her upcoming project, S. Shankar’s latest movie Endhiran. The movie was shot in Pune and Lonavala and while we have already showed you some behind the scenes photos of Ash from the set, we just love the newly released poster! Aishwarya looks stunning in blue!Endhiran, which also co-stars Rajinikanth, is a Tamil language action-packed science-fiction flick. Music maestro A.R. Rahman composed the music, V. Balakumaran wrote the script and Kalanidhi Maran is making his debut as a producer.

Tamil Rajnikanth Movie Endhiran


Endhiran, Rajni plays dual roles. One is a scientist and the other is a Robot. Scientist Rajni creates a Robot with artificial intelligence – like that of sixth sense in humans – to help human beings and to the development of the country.But its silicon heart falls in love with Aishwarya Rai. Writes romantic poems and the Robot behave just like a human being. Knowing about the extra ordinary intelligence of the Robot the villains try to get control of the Robot. Scientist Rajni fights to save the Robot falling into the hand of the enemies and destroys the evil forces using the Robot itself.

The movie took about two years to film so we’re sure fans can’t wait for it to finally hit theaters on September 3! Endhiran tells the story of Dr. Vaseegaran, played by Rajinikanth, a scientist who specializes in robotics. In true fashion, Dr. Vaseegaran creates a robot that looks like a human. He names the robot Chitti and introduces it to other humans, which obviously leads to some very fascinating situations! Aishwarya plays a woman named Sharmili and Danny Denzongpa portrays Shivaji. upcoming science fiction movie Endhiran, the Robot !

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