Falak- The God’s special child- Mother traced

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The mother of the two-year-old battered baby has been traced and will undergo a DNA test to accertain whether she is the biological mother of the child. A senior police official said they traced the mother named Munni last night and she is being brought to Delhi. She was  track down the mother of Falak from a village in Jhunjunu district in Rajasthan. We had formed 5 teams to trace down the family of Falak. Lakshmi was identified earlier. It was important for us to trace down the original biological parents. Kanta, Saroj and Lakshmi fooled her into getting married to a guy she knew nothing about.” The police is yet to arrest Rajkumar and another woman who cheated Munni, but the bigger worry is the fact that the whereabouts of her other two kids are not yet known.

Lakshmi and Kanta first tried to force Munni into flesh trade. When she refused, they convinced her to leave her husband’s home in Muzaffarnagar and marry another man in Jhunjunu, Rajasthan. They told Munni they would look after her children and send them to her later. In September last year, Falak was handed over to Rajkumar and eventually left with the teenage girl who brought the baby to AIIMS.

Munni has allegedly left her daughter, Falak with Laxmi in September last year.Falak has been battling for life at the AIIMS hospital, were she was brought on January 18 with severe head injury, both her arms broken, bite marks all over her body and her cheeks branded with hot iron.

The teenage girl, who brought her there claiming to be her mother, had cited a fall from the bed as the reason for the child`s pathetic state.Falak has already undergone two life saving surgeries till now. One of the brain immediately after her admission here. Later on, this was followed by another two. Doctors even conducted a tracheostomy on her which they claim she will have to live with for some time even after her recovery. Admitted in a battered state at the AIIMS here 22 days back, the condition of two-year-old baby Falak neither improved nor deteriorated on Wednesday with the doctors saying she remains ‘critical but stable’.

Her physical condition has neither improved nor deteriorated as it should have been with the level of infection present in her body. It seems medicines are doing good to her as the blood culture in the past two days have shown no infection. Still she remains critical but stable.The infection in her blood is being monitored closely. We are conducting culture reports on everyday basis to see the level of infection present in her body. Once the reports come negative  that means  she is responding positively to the treatment,then the remaining surgeries can be conducted.

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