Fashion tips for a Cat walk

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Follow these trendy and handy tips in case you don’t want to be a fashion disaster.

1. However clichéd it may sound, a pair of classic-fit dark denims is a must in everyone’s wardrobe! When in doubt, just like the little black dress, well-fitted denim too comes to your rescue.

2. Dress for your body type and not according to the latest trend. It is always good to keep an eye out for what’s in and what’s out, but when you are dressing yourself, make sure that you do it according to your body’s shape and personality.

3. Don’t forget to style your hair along with your wardrobe. If you dress according to the latest trends and ignore doing up your hair, you have high chances of ending up looking like a fashion disaster.

4. Accessories are important to enhance one’s look, so make sure you have just the right kind and the right amount on you.

5. The way you apply make-up and the kind of make-up you apply is extremely important. Don’t just apply layers on layers; keep it minimalistic.

6. A watch always makes a great style statement — for both men and women. Get yourself one that speaks of class and style. Also remember, that a watch can make or break your look.

7. Nail colour is a must, but the colour you use shouldn’t end up making your ensemble look too busy!

8. Sunglasses are equally necessary, especially considering it is summer now. Pick one that matches your face and suits your style. A cool pair of wayfarers might do the trick.

9. Hair clips are totally in fashion right now and during summer, pretty flower hairclips are a great accessory to add to your look.

10. Make sure that you don’t end up wearing all of the above all at once. Understand your style and sensibility and dress accordingly and have fun while you are doing it.

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