Great Indian Advertisements part-2

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How creative one can  get in advertising of a cup of ‘chai’? Visuals of tea gardens in Assam and Darjeeling, freshly brewed hot cuppas?

Tata tea

To take the metaphor of waking up in the morning and awakening of one’s conscience and responsibilities is sheer brilliance. (‘Har subah sirf utho mat, jaagore’) What’s even more fascinating is the execution of this brilliant Idea. The timing of the Jaagore campaign was perfect, just before the polls.  “Aap sote rahoge to Desh kaise jaagega?”

It created a kind of mini-rage, atleast in the urban youth. People got themselves registered for the Voter Ids and many amongst them went and voted.Post Elections, the latest Tata Tea Jagore campaign is against bribery with the tagline – ‘Khilana band, Pilana shuru’. I hope it creates the kind of effect the election campaign did.

Tata DoCoMo

Tata DoCoMo dared to enter the already over-crowded GSM space where it would have tough competition from biggies like Vodafone and Airtel. Not to mention the task ahead for advertising it was even tougher because both Vodafone and Airtel had brilliant ads running on the tele. Idea had a faced a similar challenge. Not very sure as to how successful were they but DoCoMo has definitely made a mark.  Must say, Docomo has done a splendid job in positioning the brand . Be it, the strange but interesting name ‘DoCoMo’ or the catchy tune of the ads or the smart taglines like- ‘Do the new’ & ‘When life can change in seconds, why pay in minutes’.

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