How to plan shopping for your wedding-The Indian style

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Weddings are one of the most important days in person’s life. It’s one day when you feel worth a million bucks. If the traditional and conventional wedding ceremonies don’t excite you, create a theme from your fantasy!

Shopping for your trousseau is not easy. You can get confused about what you need and what you actually want and that too in the last minute! You may also end up hoarding a lot of things you will eventually not use in future. Here are some useful tips from designer Swati Vijaivargie Jain that will help you pack a smart trousseau.A bride-to-be should include a lot of separates like kurtas, churidaars, salwars, and dupattas that you can mix and match to create different looks for different occasions. Try including an embroidered gota work jacket or a waist coat or an intricate shibori dupatta, brightly coloured tunics, saris and an embroidered silver and gold blouse.

Buy outfits in jewel tones like green, amethyst, mandarin et al. Vibrant colours always help in uplifting the mood of a person, so include bright colours in your trousseau too. Opt for clean cuts that will suit your body type, and most importantly choose clothes that will make you feel confident about yourself.

Warning before you start to shop endlessly 
As far as accessories are concerned, a clutch is a must-have in a wedding trousseau. Pick a lot of ear studs as well as small hoop earrings as they go with almost everything. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes one each in black, silver and gold. Get a few heels in bright colours too.Image courtesy: AFP

There are wedding trousseaus and there are smart wedding trousseaus. Plan yours to be a smart one by avoiding these five no nos.
It’s nice to buy fancy jewelry while you are getting married, but don’t accumulate too much of it. That is because you will anyway be wearing your gold and diamond jewelry till a few days (or even weeks) after the wedding.So there’s no point in carrying too much imitation jewelry in your trousseau.Too much of reds and maroons is blinding. So, add a dash of different colours to ensure that your saris, lehengas and salwar kurtas don’t all end up looking the same.Diversify your formal attire collection and include as much variety as you can in terms of color and design.

Clothes and jewellery elaborately packed will only make your trousseau more bulky. So, while you are packing, get rid of the fancy packing material and gifting wrappers.Also bulky bangle boxes and jewelry cases that occupy too much space should be avoided. You will anyway not store your jewellery in those in your new home, right?
You don’t need to take with you a full range of perfumes, because you wouldn’t use them all together. One each for your day and evening wear and a spare one you really like, should be sufficient.It’s your wedding and it is natural to end up buying more makeup than you will actually need. But make sure you don’t pick up products with a very short shelf life, because you might then have to discard them even without using them ever.

Packing a smart trousseau involves some good planning and a practical approach. So, girl get your friends and family involved as you plan, division of labour along with all the fun you’d have by trosseau-packing together will leave you all set for wedded bliss!

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