Hrithik Roshan-The best performer in Indian cinema – Back in‘Agneepath’

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I simply love  and admire Hrithik Roshan for his utter sincerity towards  work and discipline, of course he is such a stunning performer man! I am a die hard fan of this great actor.Some how, no one can match with him for his looks and dancing style. He is once again coming back with a bang in ‘Agneepath’. Hrithik Roshan is such a balanced person he is so composed and balanced in life. As a matter of fact, he is so choosy about his work and he believes more in quality rather than in quality. He is an artist in true sense as he does full justice to his work and is not here to just  make money like some of his counter parts.

You are the best!

Now coming to his contributions,very early in his career, Hrithik Roshan had played some intense and brooding characters in movies like ‘Fiza’ and ‘Mission Kashmir’. Although the films were major Box Office failures, Hrithik the actor, was appreciated for taking up such roles so early in his acting career. The actor became a star and slowly got engulfed in glitzy glamorous roles. After almost a decade, Hrithik comes back in the same brooding avatar in this week’s new release, ‘Agneepath’. And oh boy, he is fantastic!

Review of ‘Agneepath’

The film, which is a remake of a cult classic starring Big B, has the same story line more or less but director Karan Malhotra introduces some new characters like Rauf Lala(played brilliantly by Rishi Kapoor) and minuses some old ones.

Set in a village called Mandwa, the story soon moves to Mumbai where Vijay Dinannath Chauhan (Hrithik Roshan) works for Rauf Lala and becomes an important member of his gang. Vijay’s only motive in life is to seek revenge of his father’s death from Kancha (Sanjay Dutt) and reclaim the respect of his native place, which is now Kancha’s kingdom.

When you are making a cult classic, comparisons are inevitable. But Karan Malhotra plays it safe and changes the story to a certain extend to make it a contemporary fresh film. The treatment given to the film is that of a typical masala potboiler which is high on drama, action and emotions. So you have a mother giving birth to a child in the middle of the road, the hero’s sister being assaulted by the villain and hero himself giving long dramatic dialogues in the climax scene. Sounds familiar? Well, let just say that it is flashback 80s hindi cinema.

While Hrithik takes the film firmly on his shoulder, he is supported by the film’s main baddie, Sanjay Dutt as Kancha. Sanjay gives Kancha a whole new character with his bald and almost ugly look and menacing behaviour. Dutt proves that given a good strong character, he can prove his acting prowess. Surprise package of film is definitely Rishi Kapoor. Kapoor who has always been known for his chocolate boy romantic image, takes a three sixty degree turn in this film as Rauf Lala. He is clever, conniving and very convincing.

Priyanka Chopra as Kaali, Hrithik’s love interest has a small role and unfortunately doesn’t have much to do. Hrithik, on the other hand, gives a very humane touch to Vijay’s character who is quite and brooding. Big B as Vijay had lot more punch lines and aggression which Roshan lacks.

The film is shot brilliantly and the village scenes are particularly good. Music by Ajay-Atul is enjoyable and is already at the top of all the music charts. But the film could have been edited as the first half drags and the pace only increases in the second half when Vijay meets his enemy, Kancha.

I suppose to  titillate the audience and give them some extra seasoning to their taste buds the film has a mind blowing item number by the one and only Katrina kaif. Get your bookings now! ‘Agneepath’ is your answer.

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    Hrithik…i’ll surely meet u one day…n i’ll hv atleast a dinner with u…u r the Best

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    Hrithik ilove you.

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