‘Hum Dono’-Indian vintage film back with a bang

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Devanand doesn’t hide his excitement at watching his hit 1961 film ”Hum Dono” in colour. He wants audiences to see his charming self 50 years back “If ‘Hum Dono’ is widely accepted by the audience, I would take the idea and turn all my films into colour. I love all my films, as a painter is passionate about his paintings,”

Dev Anand, 87, is happy with the fact that the young generation will get to see the film.”It’s nostalgic to even think about ‘Hum Dono’. I still remember the kind of response we had got when it was released way back in 1961. I am happy that people would be able to relive the experience in a better way and hope the younger generation who has not seen the film would also love it the way the film was loved 50 years back,” said Dev Anand.

Written by Vijay Anand and directed by Amarjeet, “Hum Dono” was the last black and white offering from Navketan Films, which has produced cult films like “Baazi”, “Guide”, “Prem Pujari”, “Tere Ghar Ke Samne” and “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” to name a few.
Evergreen actor-filmmaker Dev Anand’s much-loved classic ‘Hum Dono’ starring him in a double role opposite actresses Nanda and Sadhana is all set for a worldwide theatrical release in colour on February 4. Hum Dono was the last black and white film of Navketan Films that has produced cult films like Baazi, Guide, Prem Pujari, Tere Ghar Ke Saamne and Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

Fans all over the world have been requesting the Bollywood legend to release the hit film in theatres and after 50 years, the veteran filmmaker is ready to release the films in theatre once again and this time in colour.

“This is the 62nd year of Navketan Films..I have received lots of love from my fans for a long time. Hum Dono was a craze when it released. Lot of people were requesting to release the colour version of the film for a long time. Wherever I go, people talk to me about the film…Its nostalgic..I am releasing the coloured version of the film for all my fans,” Dev Anand said.

The film has been colourised using a very advanced technology in US and is in CinemaScope with Dolby Digital Ex surround sound.

It would be a nostalgic trip for people who have seen the film and a treat for film lovers who have not seen it and have got an opportunity to experience the old-world magic on big screen.

The film is also remembered for its classic songs like Mai Zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya and Abhi na jaao Chhodkar.

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