Indian Ads that Espouse a Social Message

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Advertising industry has under gone various transformation  over certain years and the process will continue in the coming times. Advertisers have experimented in this field  with various flavors in order to attract the masses. We come across glamorous ads with top models, reality ads with common people, sports personality are used to give punch in the product and various other creative  ideas are  utilized in order to impress the audience.

At the same time it is noticed that some advertisements have a longer shelf life and they are not only able to impress , convince  but  they also stay longer in our memories in spite of their short aired time. Take for instance, legendary ones like Lalita ji ad that endorsed Surf washing powder couple of years back are still fresh in our mind. These days the social ads that combine social messages  along with the details of the product are doing well as they have a hold on the common people. Social ads connects well with the public and at the same time such ads give a  certain status and respect. Social ads also help to build brand value in a very unique way.

The reason is very simple, such ads establish a connection with the audience on an emotional and ethical level. As a matter of fact, celebrities with certain status are the role model for the audience.  such celebrity’s  are targeted  as role models  in  such social ads. This is of a great benefit to the makers and the celebrities as well, as they get a chance to put a clear and descent image in front of the public. Masses also appreciated them, so it full fills their mutual interest and generates money. What can be better then this? Not a bad deal.

Coming to some of the recent social ads, this is Horlics ad  where we have two teenager boys belonging to not only two  different strata of society but also inherits  different dance talents. One is a typical city boy and loves to perform some western dance where as the other boy is from a typical Rajasthani background  and can performs folk dance. In spite of their differences they perform together and become buddies.

Duriyan mit jayegi sounds familiar friends, here  we have two little cute boys from hostile neighborhoods separate by a barbed wire playing foot ball  together in an ad for a mobile net work service. This particular ad touches our hearts and soul as it demonstrate the innocent and self less affection between two children who are just god’s creation.

The latest social ad which is aired these days on the Indian television nearly on all channels at prime time is again of a mobile phone which promotes communal harmony and also espouses education for the unprivileged children. Interestingly, Abhishek Bacchan is the model and he simply looks cute as a priest.

A creative approach of owning “bonding” while retaining the Indian flavor in the campaign, with a good measure of humor, has been the trademark of its advertising. The ads have showcased human
bonding in different forms—be it the rickety bus ad (an overloaded bus with people all over it, hanging on and not falling), the Pakde rehna, chodna nahi series (the hold-on, don’t-let-go ads, doffing the hat to the climaxes of Bollywood films), or the pundit reciting the mantra, Yeh Fevicol ka mazboot jod hai, tootega nahi (this bond won’t break). The Fevicol ads have won 30 awards in the last five years. All because of it’s social approach in the theme.

Then there is one Tea brand  ad which makes fun of  power and vote hungry politicians and once again touches the sentiments of the people.

Social ads are all the more popular and successful in a developing country like India as there are many social, political and economical issues which are yet to take shape. People of such countries can emotionally be exploited and they respond well to such ads.

Finally, the bottom line says that an ad has to leave a message that is remembered even after the ad is out of sight. So social ads are achieving the basic purpose  as they continue to stay in millions of minds even after the demise of the product and  also the ad.

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