KBC—SRK (17th April 2007)

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In the last week, I happened to walk into one of the popular mall and overheard a four year child saying to his Mom, Mummy Mummy hurry up with your shopping as we are getting late and we will land up missing KBC.

After that small cute incidence I was without the slightest doubt about the popularity, reach and demand for this show. Come to think of it after all it is just a quiz show. Then what is it that makes the show so popular and interesting and watched by millions. What makes it so addictive. (obviously not in a derogatory manner).


There is nothing negative about KBC since it is very informative in an interesting manner. Definitely the Producer, Director, and Sponsors can think of extending the Show and Shahrukh is the perfect host as he is not only accepted but also admired by all age groups.

The special KBC on 19th April to hosted by Shahrukh with the super guests being Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif will indeed be very special since it is also the last of the season.

I wish good luck to the entire team of KBC and hope to see them soon in the near future.

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