Kent water purifier with Hema Malini and Esha Deol

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This ad of Kent water purifier with the Dream girl of yesteryears or maybe even today, that’s Hema Malini and her daughter’s Esha Deol and Aahana Deol is pretty good and conveys the right meaning across. It has the right amount of star power in terms of three of the must beautiful ladies of the times and displays in a very subtle manner the need to have good drinking water even at play, work or any place outdoors also. Its nice to see that these ladies are doing ads for a very important aspect of daily life and this is what I really want to tell Mr. Aloo sorry Amitabh Bachchan who does ads only for the money. Remember that ad where he talks about some oil which I’m sure that he would never even touch with a brush. Even he has done some ads with a meaning like the pulse polio ad, the Cadbury’s ad etc but they have been few and far between. He needs to understand his status as an icon in our times that he should take on meaningful acts. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of earning his bread but I think he can make a better choice of his ads. Hema Malini and her daughters have been extremely thoughtful and decent about their choice of ads.

The ad itself is filmed very very simply and the message it conveys is a big necessity today and anyone as everyone is susceptible to water borne diseases these days with the peak summers on in Northern India. Any amount of precaution is a plus towards your health and nothing more needs to be advocated about it. But many a times, I feel that the numerous brands of mineral water or bottled packaged water that we get in the market are not compliant with the safety standards which are laid out by the ISI. That is because it’s so easy to open up a bottled water plant in India and there are so so many kinds of bottled water that we get in the market. Well best of luck with your purchases of bottled water.

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