Kids TV Channel says go and play outdoors!

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A very common site in most of the house holds are parents yelling and shouting as kids are glued to the TV sets and parents suggesting them “go out and play your favorite out door games ” but most of the kids giving a deaf year to their parent’s advice.
Now something very interesting and innovative will be seen on the children TV channels which will bring quite a lot of relief to the worried parents, a TV net work is to don a parental role and advice the kids to go and play outside the house and after dis parting the piece of advice it goes blank. All the TV channel together will be deciding on this project and will co operate to inspire tiny tots to realize their dreams.
Together with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation , Nickelodeon, in the US, has been documenting healthy programs for a positive results.
Watching more than two hours of television daily during childhood increases the likelihood of attention problems in adolescence, Children who were glued to the TV sets and were confirmed couch potatoes have shown remarkable results like they have taken up to swimming, ride a bike and engage in other physical activity.
Once again Nickelodeon plans to go off air for a couple of hours from next month and encourage a new campaign which will promote healthy physical activities in Kids.

Earlier in October 2004, the Indian cable TV net work went off air to kick start the habit of playing outdoor sports among children.
Late last year, the US parent net work had initiated a ‘let’s just play go healthy challenge’ where a lot of emphasis was given on the physical exercise and major spot lite was on exercise activities of the kids in order to fight child obesity.
At the other end of the prism is Disney channel, also eager to engage it’s little audience and a new
initiative called ‘talk out loud’ in which children will be able to join it’s favorite Disney character.
As a part of school relationship program, Disney Channel will engage 300,000 children aged 8-15 years in 400 schools across India in an interactive program. The channel will invite the schools to send entries and give a chance to the children to interact with their favorite character.
If such positive changes take place on children TV it will be not less then a revolution in the field of bringing up better personality of the children.
Walt Disney television international vice president Antoine Villenevue is playing a major role in bringing out positive personality among the children through Disney Networks.
After all Today’s kids are tomorrows responsible citizen.

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