Kites With Hrithik Roshan and Barbara

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From MTV Iggy

So Bollywood superfans, excited about Kites yet? Vhaaat? (Yes, I’m channeling all my desi relatives.) It stars Hrithik Roshan! He of the mesmerizing green/hazel eyes, abs for miles, and extra thumb! What are you, like, studying or something?

Bollywood, as you should all know by now, is the world’s largest film industry. Recently even Hollywood industry types trekked over to Mumbai to learn how to bottle the magic, get some rupees, and work on future partnerships. Bollywood’s not waiting around for the West though, and with Kites it’s taken the first giant step toward mega cross-cultural escapism.The film is set in Nevada, LA, and Mexico. It’s a tale of star-crossed lovers, one from India, the other from Mexico. Barbara Mori, the insanely hot Uruguayan/Japanese/Mexican actress plays opposite Hrithik as they face countless obstacles in their quest to be together. The desert sun burns brightly over the pair as evil villains, US immigration, and language barriers keep them apart. But love has a language of its own, and romance thrives in the heat.

We could tell you more (yes, we’ve seen it already! Pssst… it’s aw– nope, can’t say anything until May 18th) but until we get to unseal our lips and uncap our pens (unlock the keyboard?), we hope the trailers and photos and other goodies below will keep you satisfied. We scored time with both Hrithik and Barbara for an exclusive shoot. If you’ve seen the MTV Iggy Exclusive with Shah Rukh Khan + Kajol, you know it’ll be crazy fun and totally unexpected. So stay tuned!

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