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 Finally Karan managed to call two more guests along with RAKHI SAWANT. They were Carol Gracias and Aashiqui boy and the winner of the reality show BIG BOSS Rahul Roy. The one-hour show was quite entertaining and interesting. After seeing the show a majority of the audience will change their views about Rakhi Sawant. rakhi.JPG

She is quite a stunner at the same time she is a simple person by heart as she is very frank, emotional and sensitive by nature. Some times definitely she is bit funny, out spoken and daring that looks little cheap to others. In overall personality she is likeable for her attitudes and worldly stance. Unfortunately she has lot of issues with her parents and relatives also. Rakhi is also a college drop out because of financial problems which she faced during that period of her life. Rakhi has got her cosmetic surgery done in order to get the right kind of curves and shapes from top to bottom. The rapid fire round also was won decently by Rakhi.  I feel that both Carol and Rahul should thank Rakhi for their reaching the nice and almost prestigious show rather than only thanking Karan.

Carol who arrived in the third segment of the show was looking quite graceful.rahulcarolrakhi.JPG

 The bong hero Rahul Roy was looking handsome but it’s high time he should get his hairstyle changed. (Actually it is very late now may be he should now try for elderly roles in Bollywood.

In the next segment of KOFFEE WITH KARAN the guests are Bipasha Basu and The very dashing and mind blowing John Abhram(lady killer).

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