Koffee with Karan and Richard Gere (the Shilpa Shetty man)

| May 21, 2007 | 1 Comment


Well this was one good talk show with the Pretty Woman Star, the one and only Officer and a Gentleman, Richard Gere. Well the most surprising thing that I felt in the interview was that we had an anti-George Bush-man there about which I was not really aware as I’m not a political analyst.


Well he did sound as if Georgie had rubbed him the wrong way somewhere, not given grants or something or maybe not brushed China adequately to stay away from Tibet. Whatever be it, Richard you can’t be so anti a man who doesn’t have too much support anywhere in any case. Isn’t it so? I feel this war for gas is leading the world onto a very very difficult path. Otherwise wouldn’t the rates of petrol be easy on in the world market.


Still overall a very well conducted interview by Karan and well answered by Gere. He did manoeuvre around Shilpa Shetty questions well and I think he himself has been in a lot of poor publicitiy because of the (in)famous kiss on stage during a HIV/AIDS concert in Mumbai recently.

Still a charming Old man this one Karan and we do hope that you can keep doing these interesting interviews on your chat show.

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  1. kartoos says:

    GOOD NICE ONE I think Richard should know the sense and sensibilities of the country to do such a thing

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