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We all like to try out new flavors of food which excite and titilate our taste buds and at the same time don’t mind enjoy the old food stuff too. I like trying out these new and different flavors which come in our way. This time Koffee with Karan was somewhat of that sort of flavor. The guests were the sons of one of the finest actor, director, moviemaker and the legend of Indian cinema Raj Kapoor.

Yes they were Rishi kapoor, Randhikapoor and Ranjiv. Honestly speaking they are so adorable, gullable, cute, bubbly and down to earth. Actually, in real sense they are the true entertainers and comedians. Who ever watched the show will definitely agree with me. In fact the way they were chatting, it was such a fun to watch, and my entire family went on laughing non-stop. I think laughing our lungs out in a programme is in true sense an entertainment programme. I just loved the way they were having a hearty laughter on their nicknames. Something like lolo, bebo, chintoo and can you imagine Raj kapoor had named one or two children or grand children on the names of their dogs, just out of fun. This shows the family is so casual about life and takes it so easy.( a message for us to to find out humor in life).

In fact the family has already decided a name for Shahid Kapur (kareena Kapoor’s boy friend) Dodo. (Congratulation Shahid on your NAAM KARAN ,naming ceremony).


In the later segment Neetu Singh one of the very popular actresses of her time and a good mother and wife (RISHI KAPOOR) was also present on the show. Neetu was looking quite attractive for her age and she is a perfect star in my opinion as she left a budding career at a very young age to look after her home and children. (Not an easy thing to do). She is the darling of the Kapoor’s and they also referred to her as the Swami Ramdev of their family as she is a lot into yoga. Last but not the least was their sister, Rima Jain, of all the naughty brothers who is loved by her very loving and affectionate brothers. They are famous for playing pranks with their loving sisters. As a matter of fact they did not spare her on the sets, and when she was signing on the coffee cup, one of them commented that this is her first autograph. (Just out of fun and MASTI).


She was full of praises for her brothers and BHABHI’S, and that was seen in her eyes the affection for the brothers. Another funny incident was whenever she used to ask for a small role, the brothers would pull her legs and tell her that theyhave a challenging role for her and it would be something like a photo of a dead women with garlands on the wall and so on. Over all they are simple, affectionate, loving people with a very close knit family and share a strong bond.


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