Letting Go Further in These Shedding Processes

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Any shedding process would bring in certain amounts of difficulties and further melt downs, who said life is gonna be all yum but we make it delicious anyways through the journeying of the ex~perience in being.
ex-perience: by the time it happens, it becomes old news anyways
And there would be the meeting of the met in the transient forces of the true eternal as it comes across the relative dual natures of life in the physical. This is how all melting points come in where the outward meets the inner. When we are stepping in it opens up further more and any awakening process is a greater opening to the further.
Any aspect of real deep truth and bliss would bring in all forms of challenges, melt downs and all questioning of your self.
Twin love, for instance, or even the seeming quest to zoning in, into your purpose! It can be honeydown melting love path of deliciousness when it is and it can be so much more with all parts of your challenges and aspects coming through and showing up.
When kicked in the butt with the challenges and thrown into the fish net of void where no seeming end is seen or no one to hang on to, you are given the options to breathe, or even try to or just let go.
Incredible how I have been having such deep breathing challenges for further I detox the body and there happens to be the incredible pollution and cities I have to inhabit. Further pollination of love and truth would be the solution to the pollution levels, ah indeed and …
Anyhows the mass sweeping cleanse of clearing bouts from deep within raises the challenge frequencies to be xperienced.
Sometimes just the void of seeming endlessness~ who is it really for? We can never have enough unless we truly surrender and learn to let go. It is what it is and how these things turn out in the aspects of being. Each step a further opening to the realness of things.

When the real thing comes to you, you are to be made ready for it. It will pry open your hearts and senses and challenge all you hold close to you. Be open to be ready, let lose, let the opening of the gentleness of your fingers form the fissures that allow in the star dusts in the sand to come flowing through. It is just meant to be that, to create ripples in the magic and emerge with the rest of the ocean bed.
One has to stay open and let go of all things held close or fixed or any amount of restriction. Peace in your soul and heart then reaches the mind. How can the heart and mind be not in peace ever, such beautiful true truth of mechanism as is always in sync with the divine cosmic emergence that is what you are! There is no mistake. The mind and body must be led through them and it happens anyways. Opening into the doors of our inner realms will ask for the garbage can to be taken out, the old garage and goods. All needs to go. The shedding and coming through clear process is never ending seemingly yet the more we do, the more it comes through clear out in the opening. There in the emptiness is the space bearing of new light, the womb of your core and then again further more there is more of shedding in process.

The way of the truth is not going to be sweet all along: thorny ends, paths of deep trudges, the bafflement and disappointments, the confusions that finally drive you to leave your mind and let it all go. All that you believed to be true and would happen, the plans, goals, processes, aspects, aspirations, hopes of how and what or when. All of that has to and need to go. Upon the journey though we make it as much sweet as possible indeed and have our savoring moment to moment as much as we can. Since there is no other way, we might as well do that anyways come what may or show up. We just do our work and follow the guidance and instinct and ultimately completely have to let go for that is what nature allows and asks us to do. And then when you come to it, the water is blissfully sweet. You are thirsty and worn out but it is well worth it. It is beyond all and everything that you would have ever imagined and yet so much more. Such blissful sweetness of life and love, you would have never imagined. How can anyone imagine the ineffable and yet to experience just that one has to let go further more and be ready to leave all behind in the process of allowing the light be let in. And then upon any arrival point of being there you come to just see and be, there is no destination anyway after all. Yes, there is no arrival point at all and it is all surrender here and now, and in forever eternity. Through the gleaming presence of the shifting vehicles in the vessel and the transitions in situation, one comes to emerge the dimensions in the dynamic but there is no point in there in the nature of destination anyways.
Your destination is here. The purpose is here. The life you are living whether you are living or not is right here. And there is no aspect or change or contradiction to that. You might as well as live and be and do what you are called to anyway. Stop waiting for anything to change for it doesn’t. Only you are here to follow your call, to do your work and be BE. That is so much to it really ~ our lives in endless spectrum of the now and eternal~ ~*~*~*~*~

Aishwarya DG
is an intuitive reader, life passion coach, alternative therapeutic healer, channel and writer
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