Limca Ad- very bright and sparky Coke

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limca1.jpglimca2.jpg Ok so did you guys really see this bright and sparky Limca Ad which I liked as much as I like Limca from the Coca Cola stable. I feel that this is the only drink which really rejuvenates a person and specially whenever I’m dead tired or have some gas in the stomach, I just gulp one with some salt added to it. It’s so nice to see those bubbles effusing out of it and adding to the flavour.

It’s been my childhood favorite drink and of millions. The rest of the coke stable is not very healthy from what I have been reading in the newspapers due to pesticides and other content that has been added to them. I really don’t know the veracity of these things but there a lot of stars proclaiming the good aspects of these soft drinks. Well if I don’t get anything then remember the good old days when Mom’s used to make Panna (tangy raw mango drink) or even a glass of lemonade will do for me. limcabottle.jpg

Any takers, do feel free to comment if you disagree with me. I love your comments than hits. (

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