Lindsay Lohan avoids arrest

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Troubled star Lindsay Lohan escaped arrest for failing to appear in court. The judge recalled a warrant against the actress after her lawyers paid the bail amount. The 23-year-old star, who has been hogging the headlines for all the wrong reasons in the past months, was due to appear before judge Marsha Revel amid allegations that she violated her probation by not attending alcohol education classes. The actress is returning to the US today to attend another hearing scheduled for Monday. Her laywers paid USD 100,000 to help her avoid the jail term. Lohan, who is currently in France to attend the ongoing Cannes Film Festival and has been photographed partying on a yacht, claimed that she missed the hearing because her passport was stolen, the Sky News reported.
However, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel was not impressed with Lohan’s excuse. The Judge said, “If she wanted to be here, it looks to the court she could have been here.” Lohan could face upto six months in jail for failing the terms of her probation. Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley said Lohan did have a return ticket, but was unable to get new travel documents in time. ”The fact is she intended to be here today, she had a ticket to be here, her passport was stolen, she’s filled out a police report in Cannes and as far as I’m concerned, she had a valid reason for not being here,” Holley said. ”I wasn’t aware of the fact that she was on a party on a yacht. That’s what you do in Cannes when you’re 23. Would I do it (at) my age now? No.” The Hollywood’s wild child was due in court for a “progress report” on her probation from a pair of 2007 drug and alcohol arrests. Revel extended Lohan’s probation by a year in October after reports the actress was skipping her alcohol education classes. The actress was arrested in May 2007 for drunk driving and again two months later for drunken driving and cocaine possession. In between, she spent time in rehab. Lohan served 84 minutes in jail for her arrests.

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