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SYNOPSIS —- I had more expectation from MAKMGR but unfortunately, this serial like the other serials on INDIAN TELEVISION is also dragging and dragging. When the serial started it had a very different and interesting story line( zara hatt ke). The serial had a lot of substance and quality, It was not a xerox of SAAS BAHU serials. It showed devotion, smart moves, sacrifices for a passionate carrier by Sudha and Raj. The main charm in the serial was their trust and unconditional love for each other. Situation has made them mentally weak, egoistic and very conservative in their approach. Some how Sudha’s character has gone very dull as she has given a back seat to her love life and singing carrier. Sudha is in too much trust in the forecast and astrology. It’s high time she must bounce back and stop surrendering her self to others, at the same time must have confidence and definitely not consider herself as a object of pity. Sudha is very rude and indifferent to Raj purposely so that he should develop a bond of affection with Ria Sahini. On top of that Sudha has given all her CD’s to Ria in order to promote Ria’s musical album. This moves of Sudha is very foolish and absolutely suicidal. Sudha will have a lot to regret and things will go out of her hand beyond repair. As Ria Sahini is not only opportunist but also in love with Raj. Ria will make make full use of situation to her personal advantage. In order to make the serial rocking and appealing Sudha’s character needs a make over and she needs to strike back and show her worth to the world.

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