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For the first time i am little sympathetic with Ria Sahini, as her launch and music album has not only flopped miserably but also her music carrier is ruined to pieces. I will like to criticize Mehndi Hassan for behaving in such a biased manner against Ria. Ria had after all worked very hard to full fill her dreams. He should not have spoken negative words against her, if not positive words in her favor. He is the person who is responsible for her disaster and depression. Poor Raj and Sudha their dreams are also shattered and their music carrier is ruined beyond repair. Ria’s father is very angry with Raj and tells him to get lost from her life and he will never spare him because the launch was looked after Raj and it was a grand failure.Raj is very depressed and returns the salary cheques and car keys to Sahini’s. Now Ria is very desperate for Raj and she is still hope full about things. The situation is very complicated for all of them Raj, Sudha and Ria.

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