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Raj and Sudha were just trying to over come the harsh blow of failure of launch.

Their is another challenge which they have to face from Ria Sahini. Ria has gone mental and she wants Raj right in front of her eyes all the time, as she is into deep depression and suffering from nervous break down. Raj keeps on avoiding her phone calls and is trying to keep a distance from her. Ria sahini is unable to accept this fact and slit her wrist. Their is a major panic at Sahini’s mansion and her Dad is emotionally broken and realises that his daughter will die if she is kept away from Raj. He calls up Raj and requests him to be around Ria and forgive him for his behavior

Raj promises him that he will take care of Ria as, she is a good friend and it was because of her that he was standing in front of a high profile person like Sahini.

Now Raj is into a real trouble as Ria is not going to leave him so easily. GOOD LUCK RAJ AND SUDHA.


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