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Poor storyline of     makmgr081007.jpg M.A.K.M.R has taken such twists and turns that it is no where resembling with the original stories. Initially, the serial had a very interesting story line showing the struggle of singers. The story was very motivating and inspiring for the young, talented and struggling youth who wanted to establish their identity in this field and make their place in the world of music. Presently, all the original characters have vanished away from the serial except Sudha. Sudha’s state is also very pathetic and she is staying with a punjabi family as a maid. It seems she was pregnant and has given birth to a baby girl. It is very shocking to see a coming and talented singer in such a perverted state. The original charm is lost some where and it is also following the path of the rest of the serials. Honestly speaking the serial is just not entertaining from any point of view. Hopefully it will come back to it’s original track.

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