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The best thing about this serial is the pace with which the story line moves and flows, the story is full of suspense and thrill. This is what as an audience I would like to see in a story line which most of the INDIAN TV SERIAL lack. Coming to the story line now Ria is back into her enthusiasm as, Sudha has backed from her music launch and sudha along with her brother managed to delete all her recordings from the file of the computer of the recording studio.As she realized this launch by Nikhil was more of a cheating on her professional and personal life and she wanted a pure and selfless starting of her singing carrier.Nikhil is shocked and very upset as he is not able to locate Sudha’s voice in the file and he has invested all his money is at stake for this launch, and is in a very pathetic situation. He is very sure that Raj and Ria is responsible and has tiff with them and threatened them. Both of them are confused as they have no clue of all this development but at the same time Ria feels very happy and relaxed as the only block(SUDHA) in her way of launching is out of the scene now


Raj is very upset as he never wanted Sudha’s launch to stop or get affected no matter what ever the case is.At the same time he is sure that Sudha herself is responsible for deleting her file from the computer.

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  1. ketan says:

    i want all songs of the this seriol pl advise how can i want


    ketan dixit

  2. ketan says:

    i want all songs of the serial mere awaz ko mil gaye roshani pl advise how can i want


    ketan dixit

  3. megha says:

    i want to download all the songs of the MERI AWAZ KO MIL GARE ROSHNI specially the launching one

  4. shamu says:

    i luv raj and sudha a lot and wish to meet them

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