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It is really such a pleasure to watch Sudha and Raj romancing with each other. In one of the recent episodes, the lovey-dovey couple was all alone at home and shared some beautiful moments together. The most admiring thing about them and their relationship is their deep understanding, respect for each other’s feelings and out of all the most important is the sacrifice they are ever willing to do for each other, which you will rarely find these days.meri210707-3.JPGComing to Ria Sahni, she is really desperate to know who is the master mind and the real person behind the launch of Sudha’s music album. Apart, from this, she is not only busy spying and peeping into Sudha’s and Raj’s professional life but also their personal lives. As a matter of fact she gets disturbed and jealous seeing them together and cosy. It is indeed very difficult to understand her motive if she claims to be highly professional then why is she bothered about Raj’s personal life and interferes in his personal life.Ria Sahni should concentrate on her singing and improve upon her singing skills (should be doing some riyaz) if she wants to make it big in the music world.

meri210707.JPGNikhil was almost caught by Ria’s spy as the launching head behind Sudha’s musical album but fortunately had a narrow escape. The story is indeed very interesting and worth watching.

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    superb show! gooodddddd

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