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It is not only struggle but lots of compromises are are involved if Raj and Sudha wants to full fill their dreams. Raj is desperate for a job and goes for an interview. Ria as discussed earlier is playing a game with Raj. The music company in which Sudha goes for an audition is owned by Mr sahini (he is playing the game of power). Raj realizes that he will not able to do justice to Sudha as his market value has gone down after the much talked about Ria’s launch which was a disaster at his hands. Raj is branded as a failure when it comes to music launch.

Raj declares Sudha to get launched by some other source as he is not very sure about himself. Sudha is shocked and bursts out hysterically as she can not imagine being away from Raj, even when it comes on professional front.  Some how, they are reconciled to the fact and decides to fight back and start their struggle with a new enthusiasm. Raj out of monetary pressure accepts a very low profile job as a personal secretory of a female fashion designer.(this lady is a friend of Ria and Raj is trapped into this job ). on the other hand Sudha is also leaving her CD’s where ever possible, but that is not enough as there are many such CD’s lying in the production houses. Let us see in future what is in store for the hard working and God fearing Sudha and RAJ.

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