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Things are more complicated and out of hand as Sudha’s launch has been not only a grand success but also at the same time she has received good reviews from the electronic media. Raj is very hard pressed, as all his market strategy which he had planned to implement to promote Ria Sahini is being copied by the person who is launching Sudha. Ria is quite furious with Raj and is in no mood to spare the guy and she is pressurizing Raj to ask Sudha to back up otherwise she will ruin Raj and his carrier and he will be definitely into a big trouble as her dad will also not spare Raj.Raj tries to convince her that every thing will be fine and smooth once again, but Ria is just not convinced, thus Raj is totally shattered and perplexed about the way things are going out of his hand. He is very sure some one very close to him is cheating on him.


meri210707-8.JPGOn the other hand, Sudha is very sentimental about Raj’s behavior towards her as he has been very cool about her high profile launch and he has not shown any interest and excitement. To make it more complicated Raj questioned them Sudha and her Secretary (brother like) how they have managed to get every thing what ever was booked and planned for Ria as it can not be a mere coincidence and questions their integrity. Sudha was shocked on hearing all this and tears starts rolling down her cheeks, as her world starts and end up with Raj Malik. As a matter of fact Raj was also very frustrated so he can not be blamed for his behaviour. The most interesting part in the serial is that every body is logical and convincing in their action and cannot be blamed. So the suspense lies as to how the situation will come under control and who will compromise? I hope Sudha does not back up as she deserves to get a singing career.

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  1. sonu says:

    nice serial i like it

  2. Radhika says:

    This is one of the best serials i have watched in a long time. Its story is very refreshing. the actors are very convincing and appear to be very naural. There is certain kind of logic in the episodes unlike Ekta Kapoor’s show. This is a serial one can relate to and appreciate. Unfortunately, good serials are made once a blue moon and this is one of them. The music is very very good and very original. Thumps Up to the team and keep doing the good job.

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