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 Raj and Sudha has come out of all the misunderstandings which had earlier cropped up between the two and once again they are very loving to each other. They decided to go to the temple and take the blessing of god. pia also lands up in the temple. Raj and Pia pushes to the office,  Raj is the new Marketing Director of his new office and he is quite enthusiastic about it.  Raj is having a great time in his cabin and almost congratulating himself as; he is climbing the ladders of success very fast.
Raj is called by his boss in his chamber that is Piya’s father, who is not very confident of piya’s voice quality as a singer and about her singing skills… Raj decides for the recording and he informs Piya to get ready for her first solo recording. Raj also invites his girl friend Sudha as it is a sort of turning point in his life. There is a heavy rush of press and media as Piya Sahini is a big name because of her father.Piya’s voice quality was considered very average and ordinary and all the sponsors and people concerned with singing were quite disappointed with her performance and made a long face.
When Piya comes out of the recording room, she is quite confident and excited about her audition. Raj appreciates her singing and calls her a born rock star, with his false comment every body including Sudha is taken back, shocked and surprised as well. Every body is in a big suspense, regarding the false compliment given to Piya by Raj.
This must be a professional move by Raj, as piya sahini is a big name in the industry, since she is the daughter of a high profile Bollywood personality————————-.


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