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Raj was quite upset in the party after Sudha his girl friend left the venue. RIA being an opportunist by nature makes full use of the situation.  She poisons Raj’s mind against Sudha and criticize her for not sharing Raj’s success in a sporting manner and being selfish… As Raj was already very upset he gets all the more disturbed by Ria’s remarks about his girl friend Sudha and over drinks in the party. Raj is almost out of his senses and he is no state to drive and go back of his own… RIA drops him home and he is almost unconscious and was falling all over Ria. At the same time Sudha was waiting for Raj on the stair case as, she thought that Raj’s parents might get upset seeing her coming all alone from the party and they might question her about Raj’s where about.

In the mean time Nikhil, her boy friend tries to convince Ria to keep a certain distance from Raj as this might upset Sudha and strain their relations. Ria opposed out right to Nikhil’s view, As she believed that they have to be together most of the time since they are professionally connected with each other… On the contrary, Ria suggested to Nikhil that he should have a word with Raj and Sudha and convince them that Raj and Ria’s togetherness is quite logical and it is better for Sudha to accept the fact and not get sentimental on this issue. Otherwise Raj will never ever able to concentrate on his work and they will never achieve their professional Motive———–.


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