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RAj was very upset and was very sure that Sudha is the culprit who has deleted her voice from the recording studio. When he comes home he over heard Sudha and his mom talking on this topic and confirms the truth with Sudha, he is very upset with her such a drastic move, but at the same time Sudha convinced him that Raj is the one who will launch her and she will wait for that great day, interestingly they patch up and are back to their love dove world. Coming to Ria she is busy taking dancing classes and learning Salsa to make her music album more appealing, since there is no depth in her singing and she has to find ways and means to make her music album a grand hit. Ria emotionally has become very much dependent on Raj and day and night insist him to be with her, at the same time she can not take criticism positively and over reacts on the situation and she is totally dependent on Raj. Honestly speaking, I am finding her little mental case and she can take any extreme step to get her wish full filled. Raj must stay alert and should be careful while dealing with her tantrums.I am sure in coming episodes she will take all kinds of extreme steps and put Raj and his family into trouble. Now how about some talk about the love and romance between the two. Raj decides to take Sudha out for dinner and when he comes back from the office, she is all alone as mom and dad has gone for SAT SANG (very common excuse by the director when he wants to show love scene). and the love birds are having a gala time and suddenly door bell rings(KABAB MEI HADDI). and Ria Sahini’s driver gives him the message that Raj is immediately called by Ria’s dad. (BADI HADDI) Raj is shocked and angry but he has no choice but to take Sahini’s orders.

By the way let me inform you that today is Sudha’s birthday and we wish her happy b’day and a happy singing life ahead.

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