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SAB MAR MITHNE KO TAIYAR HAI… Yes friends MAKMGR has become more of a murder mystery and has totally drifted away from the original script.

Sudha and Raj are dying and dying but at the same time surviving and surviving. wow what English but that’s how I feel I should write about the latest happenings of this Soap.

The great Riya is almost a professional killer and if she does not get a chance in the singing world, she can join the under world and become an under world Don rather lady Don (a new concept).

Riya has hired a professional killer to kill Sudha as she could not bear to see Sudha with Raj any more. Let us see who will die and who will survive, after all, its the survival of the fittest which Charles Darwin had advocated so many years ago. As per now Raj is severely injured as a bullet has hit him and he is all alone with Sudha and there is no trace of any doctor or any medical aid. Sudha is hysterical and her mobile is also out of coverage area. Poor girl is helpless from all sides.

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  1. Arslan says:

    Can U sand me Song.
    jane Kyun Eysa Lagta hai.
    Mari Aawaz Ko Mil gaye Rosni (Darama)

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