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The story of M.A.K.M.G.R is running like an express train and the entire concentration seems to be revolving around Ria’s launch. As a matter of fact, Sudha has also joined in the team of people who are working for the launch. Poor Sudha she is doing all petty jobs and in spite of that she is being humiliated by Ria left right . There is a lot of action going on at the venue of the launch. Heavy arrangements have been done as far as security is concerened.In spite of all the efforts Nikhil manages to enter the venue, he definitely have some notorious plan in his mind to make the launch a failure.

Sudha happens to see Nikhil with some tools and rod and at the same time a performer is lying in the pool of blood. Poor girl is all shocked and terrorized and calls up her brother to the spot. In the mean while she started chasing Nikhil , he has come with the plans of murdering Ria and Raj. Sudha gets physical with him and she tries to stop him. Nikhil is as it is out of his senses and out of anger puts the revolver on her forehead and threatens to kill her, Out of confusion Sudha falls down from the celling. The entire crowd including Raj and Ria is shocked and scared as Sudha might die or get injured.

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    this is great.
    i like this serial. i enjoyed a lot
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