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Malik parivar has all the reason to celebrate as the senior Malik is discharged from the hospital as he had a narrow escape from a serious road accident. At the time of the crisis Sudha stood with the family and gave all her possible support. Coming to Ria Sahni she is as usual very ambitious about her launching and does not want any disturbance in her launching operation… In order to make Raj concentrate on his work she clears all the hospital bills and also visits Raj’s father at home. Ria was slightly upset with Raj’s middle class life style and suggests him to change his house in a better location as, he is now a big name in the music world.

Nikhil and Sudha, let’s have a peep in their life too. Nikhil as you know was shattered and humiliated by Ria Sahini at various occasions, and he is all set to give her back. Nikhil decides to indirectly launch Sudha since she is not only talented and deserving singer but at the same time this move will also give Ria a big slap on her false ego and lesson to not under estimate others feelings and talent.


Sudha, Raj and his parents are very excited about Sudha’s launch and tell her to go ahead.

At the same time they have no clue about the backing of Nikhil and on top of that Ria Sahni has no clue about Sudha’s grand launch by Nikhil. Will she go bizarre once she comes to know that what kind of plot is being constructed by her x or in-boy friend..

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